TiM CAN – Community Activities and Events.

Project Description

Cafe B - Four years oldTiM CAN is The (C)ommunity (A)ctivities (N)etwork , part of the Café B Community Café, based at the Burghfield Methodist Church Centre.

At present TiM CAN principally offers an information service based on a large screen TV in Café B, with rolling adverts and activities for people to watch whilst enjoying their coffee or tea.

The TV displays up to date information in a variety of formats, and the service is available to local not for profit organisations and businesses. The information is added to a local database of activities/contacts for Burghfield and Mortimer, and surrounding areas.

Sets of slides may be provided to other organisations on request.

TiM CAN is extending this service in a number of ways, details of which will appear in due course.

Contact this Service:
Telephone enquiries – 07965 774499
Email CAN@togetherinmission.org.uk

Download the TiM-CAN Slide Master here: TiM-CAN Template

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