Welcome to Mel – our newest School Pastor volunteer

School Pastors are delighted to welcome their newest volunteer recruit – Melanie Agard. Mel is a friend from St. Matthew’s Southcote and is currently completing her probationary training period with us before being commissioned.

Mel says: “I really enjoy talking to children and young people. If I can help somebody feel good about themselves and prop them up a bit, I like doing things like that. I’ve always dealt with kids. I’ve helped families with their kids. I’ve been a live-in nanny. I’ve always looked after my friends’ kids. I’m good at listening to people”.

Mel is also involved with The Gap (a youth ministry initiative) and children’s ministry at St. Matthew’s.

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering with School Pastors or join us for a one-off no-commitment patrol, please contact us at libby@togetherinmission.org.uk or 0777 891 1182.