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Charles French

Charles and Bev French, more on the News page.


Bishop of Reading commissioning the School Pastors. 12th May 2013.


School Pastors at the Willink launch, 1st May 2013
(Picture provided by Alan Bunce and the Reading Post)

TiM Friends Launch

TiM Friends Launch April 2013

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Welcome to Together in Mission

Together in Mission (TiM) is the working name of the charity “Christians Together in Mission” and is an initiative of local churches and Christians in the West Berks and North Hampshire villages of Burghfield, Mortimer, Sulhamstead and Padworth, and surrounding area.

TiM’s aims and objectives are to:

  • Encourage local Christians and churches to pray and work together in new and innovative ways to serve their local communities.
  • Encourage and support local partnership working in meeting the needs of these communities.
  • To show a distinctive Christian ethos in all that is done to serve and support others, while at the same time providing an inclusive service to our communities, respecting the beliefs, faith, and convictions of other individuals and groups.

Since set up in 2009, TiM has published The Listening Communities Report, drawing attention to what local people would most like to see happen in their local communities to benefit them and meet needs. TiM has also established the hugely popular Mortimer Fun Day, supported other community events, and raised several thousand pounds for local charities.

Now in 2012, TiM is looking at setting up projects which will focus on provision for the elderly, young people of secondary school age, and those who would welcome a meeting place for coffee, chat and other services.

In particular TiM is looking at how it, as a faith community, can work alongside others to play its part in “the big society”. Government cut backs mean that volunteering and working with other partners and agencies, is even more crucial to the health and vitality of local communities. TiM is fully committed to making an effective contribution to serving the needs of its local neighbours.

TiM welcomes as members individuals, groups and Christian churches on a non denominational basis. It is open to anyone sympathetic to its aims and ethos, living in this area, and in good standing with a local church or Christian body.

Churches represented in TiM are St Mary’s, Burghfield; Burghfield Methodist Church; St Oswald’s RC Church, Burghfield Common; St Mary’s, Sulhamstead; The United Benefice of Mortimer, Padworth and Mortimer West End; Mortimer Methodist Church; Mortimer West End Chapel; the Barn Group; and Burghfield Prayer Group.